Honest Sam Ovens Review & FREE Trial of Consulting Accelerator

My name is Mitja and this is my honest review about Sam Ovens, his programs, and the information that I know about him that I gathered over the years.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you get to the bottom of this review to get FREE trial of his program + $500 through my PERSONAL invitation!

Who Is Sam Ovens and can he become my mentor?

Sam Ovens is the CEO and founder of Consulting.com, which is an E-learning platform that helps everyday people start and grow wildly profitable consulting businesses worldwide.

Sam is one of the few people who actually make millions of dollars every single month and teach you how you can do it as well, so Sam can become your online mentor through the digital programs that he offers and through his live workshops once you achieve a certain level of success with consulting.

Ashleigh Ovens - Sam's wife

Consulting Accelerator – What is it and How To Get It

Sam Ovens previously had a program called The Consulting Blueprint, after that he created Consulting Accelerator which I purchased over a year ago. The program was very good, however, Sam decided to update it.

Back then it was called Consulting Accelerator 2.0 and his successful students that already purchased the previous version (including myself) were able to get it in exchange for a video testimonial.

Sam Ovens - New York City office apartment

The mission of the program is: “Start your own consulting business in 42 days”

What’s great about Sam Ovens’ program is that:

  • Sam is willing to give you a FREE trial before deciding to purchase – BTW this is NOT some lame 30-page ebook that every other site out there is giving away in exchange for your email address … This trial is WORTH more than 90% of the programs that I ever purchased!
  • Sam is so confident in his Consulting Accelerator that he will give you a FULL refund + $100 if you don’t make a return on your investment – HOW COOL IS THAT?
  • Sam’s training already made more than:
    • 24 millionaires
    • 454 6 figure students
    • 3692 people who quit their jobs and are doing this FULL time!

Sam Ovens - Consulting Accelerator on Instagram

Seriously – it may seem that “free online trials” are not worth much but I’m sure you’ll be as surprised as I was when I joined the program.

You have a chance to try it for FREE for yourself today and see if this fits you.

Send me your information below and I will personally invite you in.

If I invite you (as one of Sam’s successful clients) – you will also receive a $500 discount on the entire training in case you decide to invest after the trial – but NO pressure, you won’t be paying for anything if you don’t want to – EVERYTHING is COMPLETELY free.

 Mitja – are you promoting Sam’s training just to make money?

Not at all – I am promoting Sam’s training because it helped me grow my business and become a digital marketing consultant for multi-million dollar businesses.

Sam Ovens has launched his referral program in 2018 while I have written my “Sam Ovens review” post in 2016 when Sam just barely made his first Client Accelerator program (now called Consulting Accelerator) which has been updated and improved (and is now even better).

Here is a screenshot of my SEO rankings on Google in 2016:

sam ovens google seo

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How can you say NO to that face? 😉

I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for Sam Ovens – and you can watch his BEST TRAINING TODAY without paying a single dollar! How awesome is that offer?

I’ll see you on the other side!

Sam Ovens with his cat

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