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I have been a part of Sam Ovens’ “The Consulting Blueprint” program that Sam released long before the courses you can buy today.

I was also one of the first “students” of The Consulting Accelerator program in early 2016 before Tai Lopez promoted his products, and later on, I received the upgraded version of the course which could be called “Consulting Accelerator 2.0”.

Needless to say, I know a thing or two about Sam Ovens, and the courses they offer.

If you visit, you can see that Sam Ovens offers 3 products:

  1. Consulting Accelerator
  2. Uplevel Consulting – to watch Uplevel Consulting’s demo video, click here
  3. Quantum Mastermind – to watch Quantum Mastermind’s demo video, click here

Although it may seem that those are separate products, they build on top of each other.

Uplevel Consulting and Quantum Mastermind make no sense if you have not mastered Consulting Accelerator.


– started broke in his parent’s garage

– created Consulting Accelerator 2.0

– made over $20 million in 5 years

– created 52 millionaire students

– helped thousands of ordinary people      quit their jobs and live a life of financial freedom

is willing to help you too


– started broke in his parent’s garage

– created Consulting Accelerator 2.0

– made over $20 million in 5 years

– created 52 millionaire students

– helped thousands of ordinary people      quit their jobs and live a life of financial freedom

is willing to help you too


who is


who is




  • Sam Ovens


  • 28 (born : 9.8.1990 – Auckland, New Zeland)


  • Married (Ashleigh Frazer, now Ashleigh Ovens)


  • Venice Beach – California (current)


  • $65 million (Forbes)


  • Forbes’ 30 under 30



How did he start?


Sam Ovens (28) is nowadays most renown as the CEO and founder of, which is an E-learning platform that helps everyday people like you and me start and grow their wildly profitable consulting businesses worldwide.
He is also a well-known entrepreneur, businessman, teacher, mentor, consultant, multimillionaire and holds a Forbes title 30 under 30.
But who is the man behind all those titles? How did he make a name for himself? And most importantly, DOES HIS E-LEARNING PLATFORM REALLY BRING RESULTS?

Early life

Sam Ovens was born on 9th of August 1990 in Auckland, New Zeland as a first child to mother Anne and father, Baz. Their normal blue-collar family got bigger a few years later when Sam’s sister Tua was born.

He was a regular child who had a lot of interest in technology. Sam used to take things apart and put them back together (well, not always) because he wanted to know how things work.

Ovens were a middle-class family, and as most of the families, they have taught their children to keep their head down, go to school, have good grades, go to college and get a degree so you can get a good, corporate job which means proper payment. Sam was, just like most blue-collar family’s children, taught to pursue the white-collar dreams.
Sam has followed his parents’ ”instructions” and made it to the college. At 21 he has started working at Vodafone. That was a typical white-collar, corporate job which, according to his and his parents’ paradigm, meant that you made it. Sam was the success story of the Ovens family.  At the time he and his family saw a person, sitting in an air-conditioned office as successful. But white-collar “dreams” that Sam lived would soon be shattered.

Back then Sam was dating a daughter of one of the wealthiest people in New Zeland, and when her family invited him to their beach house, he couldn’t say no. I mean, would you say no?

Well, that “beach house” soon proved out to be a PRIVATE ISLAND with a helipad and everything else that belongs with the term private island. Sam got his first big epiphany here. His view on being rich had changed completely when he realized that it would take him 17 years of work at his job to buy one of the statues that the owner of the island owned.
Before that Sam viewed someone who was able to fly first class every time, had a big house and an expensive car as rich. But that, that was next level rich!

The thing that fascinated Sam the most was the island’s owners mindset. He had NO time for negativity in his life! That got Sam’s thinking and, at this stage of our article, you can also think about this.


How much of YOUR time is consumed by negativity? By thinking and caring about the negative things that you could never change?


The more honest you are with yourself, the quicker you will get to the conclusion that people who have no time for negativity live a completely different lifestyle. Sam liked that lifestyle, and he wanted to live it too. He was no longer satisfied with his job and the life he lived, so he started asking questions about that rich man whose island he had visited. Sam found out that the man was an entrepreneur and owned a business. At that time Sam had no idea what entrepreneur meant so he had to google it.

If you know what an entrepreneur means you already have an advantage 🙂

If you do not know there is no need to worry. Here is the definition.

entrepreneur (noun) {C}

UK   /ˌɒn.trə.prəˈnɜːr/ US   /ˌɑːn.trə.prəˈnɝː/

someone who starts their own business, especially when this involving seeing  a new opportunity:

“He was one of the entrepreneurs of the 80s who made their money in property.”

And after learning and seeing all this, Sam’s journey has begun.

Starting his own business

After returning home from the island, Sam left his corporate job and started his own business. To keep expenses low he started it in his parents’ garage. Now Sam saw himself as a businessman, wore a suit(a little bit too large) and worked hard in his improvised, low-cost office. The days of partying, watching TV and hanging out & drinking with friends were over. He was working, learning and reading for 12 hours every day and, after one year, his revenue was still zero. He learned how important focus and discipline was and started to improve those areas on an everyday basis. He still does that! 
In his first business year, Sam made two android applications, but both of them had failed. He made an app called “PromoteYourself” and another one called “ToTheDesk“. The first app was built for people who were searching for jobs and the second was a food delivery service app.
The two apps were functioning fine, but still, nobody wanted them. At that time Sam had no idea how the hell is it possible that no one wants his apps. To succeed in app making business, he needed money. For that reason, Sam started to make websites which were the first real income in his career.
After some time he made his third, property inspection app, called SnapInspect and this one was a success
While the first two apps failed the third one worked, and Sam quickly realized what he was doing wrong. First two times he thought that HE knew what the market wants (apparently he had no idea), so he targeted EVERYBODY in New Zeland! The market replied to his products with”I don’t need this,” and that was the reason behind his failure.
Later in his career, Sam explained this with a simple example from everyday life. 
Susie is sitting on a bench, and you are looking at her, wondering what she wants to eat. 
You can guess all day what would she like and you will still have no idea. The best way to know for sure is by simply asking her “Hey, Susie! What do you want to eat?” 
The same rule applies to the market as well. Never assume that YOU, one person, know what the market wants. Simply ask the market!
Knowing that the third time he had targeted only one group of people (property owners) and with the success that followed he had learned one of the most important lessons
Sam learned that:
SnapInspect was indeed a success, but Sam still had financial issues, so he started with a digital marketing consulting service. The demand was HUGE, and Sam quickly realized that customer acquisition was the biggest problem, so he specialized himself in it. First, he started by helping plumbers get the clients they liked the most and then he moved on, helping more and more businesses get more customers. His revenue was getting bigger and bigger, and he found out that you could basically write your paychecks. 
He learned that: 
Sam knew that this was his golden ticket. The ticket to his own “private island”. He has decided to sell SnapInspect, and he used the money to start digital marketing consultancy. His primary source of income was still acquiring new customers for his clients, but he learned that people wanted his advice too.
“Everyone wants to master coaching & consulting or benefit from it in some way!” 
With that in mind, Sam had begun to teach people how to run successful consultancies. It first started as one on one coaching but as the snowball of his and his student’s success started to roll he was soon teaching groups of 5 to 10 people. Sam was hooked. He wanted to move past the group of 10 and the idea of online course was born. It wasn’t perfect the first time he launched it, but Sam always improved, improved and improved. And he is still doing that every single day, not only in business but in all areas of his life!
With a mission to give people like you and everything that they need to succeed in one, big and most valuable course, Sam and his girlfriend (now wife) Ashleigh moved to Manhattan, New York. He bought a place worth 5 million and started a company Soon the Consulting Accelerator 2.0 (later on “CA”) was born. And that is the reason you are here. 

Now that you know a little bit more about the mastermind who had created 52millionaires, 500+ six-figure earners and helped 3000+ people to quit their job is time to REVIEW CONSULTING ACCELERATOR 2.0 so you can decide for yourself if it’s worth enrolling. 

review ot the

Consulting Accelerator 2.0?

We’ve enrolled in the Consulting Accelerator and here is our review which will help you decide:

Is it worth $2,000 ?


review ot the

Consulting Accelerator 2.0?

We’ve enrolled in the Consulting Accelerator and here is our review which will help you decide:

Is it worth $2,000 ?


Honest opinion

The simplicity of the platfom suprised me because there are no fancy graphics, videos or any other “shiny objects”. Prerecorded videos are very similar to the powerpoint presentations but value that you get is huge. If you stick to the things Sam says, stick to the plan, and take the action you will get the results, as I did. So in my opinion

It is worth the money!

There are more than 100 hours of quality, helpful and sometimes just mindblowing content. This course covers everything, from personal developmend and mindset to running your wildly profitable consultancy. 

Consulting Accelerator is a $2,000 step by step book that bring results!


What you get

6 week training program

gets you started


Boxset with workbooks

keep you going


Community + Q/A calls

supports you


Lifetime acces to the program

keep you sharp


  • 6 week training program
  • boxset with workbooks
  • comunity + Q/A calls
  • lifetime acces


When I enrolled in the Consulting Accelerator program, I was a generalist consultant that tried to help every business with their marketing. The course has around a hundred hours of video content but you can easily adjust it to your own schedule.

If you are consistent enough to watch Sam Ovens’ videos and apply his teachings you will get the results you want. The way I see the world changed significantly as well as my mindset. I have developed really good habits (sleeping, eating, exercise, reading, learning, etc.) which improved my everyday performance. I have also learned to solve problems faster, organically attract new clients, build funnels & ads, make sales calls and strategy sessions.

Since my company is based in a small European country while my clients come from different countries worldwide it proves that The Consulting Accelerator brings results regardless of your location. What matters is that you listen and absorb the info from Consulting Accelerator, get things done and enjoy results for yourself. If you don’t put the work in, results won’t come by themselves!


You can start your trial now, or you can continue reading our review and learn more about the Consulting Accelerator 2.0.

Consulting Accelerator


Consulting Accelerator


What is Consulting Accelerator ?

“Consulting Accelerator is an E-learning platform that teaches you how to use skills that you already own to start and run a successful consulting business”

If you click here you will be redirected to the official landing page where you can see that Consulting Accelerator has some pretty bold promises. The question that appears here is


Does this thing really work?

Well, it really works if YOU WORK!

Sam Oven’s Consulting Accelerator program has made 52 millionaires, 400+ six-figure earners and has helped more than 3000 people to quit their regular jobs. This 6-week course, which will teach you how to start your profitable online business from scratch is proven and tested, over and over again. Why I have said profitable online business instead of consulting is explained here in our review of the first week of the CA program.
Well, let’s stick to the point here. Thousands of reviews prove that Consulting Accelerator brings results. The thing that fascinates me the most is the fact that results can be seen in many different niches and markets. You can check some of those reviews here

The idea behind the Consulting accelerator is to learn about selecting a nice, attract clients, market yourself and get the mindset you will need to form your own business.
The most important lesson that you will learn is how to provide value to the selected niche using the skills that you already know.
BUT this does NOT mean that you won’t learn anything new. Sam’s idea is to create FULL STACKED persons. What does that mean? Click here to find out or continue reading.

As I have mentioned earlier Consulting Accelerator course is divided in 6 weeks and I will review each week at the time so you will get a real inside look. I won’t include many screenshots and content itself because you can try out the course FOR FREE


My general opinion

When you enroll you will find out that this platform/course is made really simple (there are even spelling mistakes). Because the design is clearly not Sam’s strong point platform looks almost unprofessional when you first look at it.  It seems like a scam that cost you $2000!

Luckily, everything becomes WAY more professional when you really dig in the meat and potatoes of the course.

Videos are also really simple and, to be honest, they almost look like an HD powerpoint presentation. Well, that really doesn’t matter because Sam’s explanation is clear and professional. All the action items (downloadable content) is in PDF form, and the download works fine (no bugs and stuff).
So, when you are past those first “unpro” feelings, you discover that everything looks, works and sounds excellent. The most 


WEEK 1 : Foundamentals & Foundations

Rating : 10/10

General info

  • LENGTH : 15:15:12
  • MODULES: 8
    • Overview
    • Setting your foundations
    • Natural law & the eqation
    • The evolution of a consultant
    • Taking a view on the market
    • Picking your 2.0 nice
    • Crafting your MVO
    • Resonating your message

What will you learn

  • You will learn what is a failure uniform and how to avoid it 
  • you will learn to pick a 2.0 NICHE (one of the most important lessons)
  • You will learn how to take a view on and study the market
  • You will learn how to detect market problems and provide solutions
  • You will learn the evolution of consultant (controversial) 
  • You will create your  Most Valuable Offer (MVO) and comunicate it to the market


If you have already enrolled in any other business-oriented courses or just read some books about business you might think you already know the fundamentals and foundations of business.

Although the concepts seem very simple when they are presented by Sam Ovens, skipping Week 1 would be the biggest mistake you could make!

Fundamentals are not just one of the things that matter, they are the most important thing and The Consulting Accelerator is the best program that I have seen so far in terms of outlining your plan of action.

Ask yourself if you would build a house on sand? Probably not! If you think that you already know it all and you will skip videos, it is better if you do not enroll at all.

By now I have heard countless people say that “Facebook ads do not work” or “making sales call does not work” but if you are one of those people, you should not blame Facebook, LinkedIn, sales calls or anything else other than your fundamentals.

The most controversial thing of the first week is probably the 3rd video called: The evolution of a consultant as Sam’s definition of consulting/consultant is VERY broad.

In fact, it is Broader than the generally known one. Ovens put everything from providing services to personal coaching into the consulting basket.


This may upset some people because many have a more “traditional” idea of consulting than Sam’s is. I think that some people enroll and are then disappointed because they think that they will become consultants, but they are actually learning how to start profitable online businesses, which will eventually lead to successful consultancies.

“If you want to become a consultant you must first understand that, like everything else worth mentioning in your life, takes time.”

Consulting Accelerator WILL show you how to start your business and provide solutions to specific niche problems. In between the lines: it will teach you how to be a specialist instead of a generalist. BUT it is true that YOU WILL START your online business which is your first step towards the goal of being a highly paid consultant.


This is by far the most important week because all the other weeks build on top of Week 1. It is clearly a 10 out of 10. You can be the best at Facebook ads, have billions of dollars in advertising budget but if your message does not resonate with your audience and if they do not like your offer, nothing will work.

Copywriting, marketing, and outreach just channel the desire of the market, they do NOT create the desire. If you do not understand your niche better than they understand themselves and do not know their problems and the solution to those problems, nothing will work.

Keep on reading to get the full inside look or try the CA now!

WEEK 2 : New paradigm & World view

Rating : 9/10

General info

  • LENGTH : 18:12:35
  • MODULES: 8
    • Overview
    • The dark force holding your heels
    • Face off with the devil
    • Duality & conflict of man
    • Seeing for the first time 
    • Alchemy of self
    • New paradigm & world view
    • Rolling Gods loaded dice 

What will you learn

  • You will learn how to face off the devil (yourself)
  • you will learn how your mind works and make decisions
  • You will learn what is crucial to your success
  • You will get a new paradigm 
  • You will learn how to break bad habits 
  • You will learn how to reprogram your mind


I have to admit that I have read some reviews before enrolling in the Consulting Accelerator too. In most of those reviews week two os the worst rated week of them all. I honestly don’t know why …
Ok, I can agree, and I think you can too if you have sees some of Sam’s videos, that he is a “psychologist.” I mean, his explanation of things is very psychological. And I can also agree that the promise of getting a new paradigm and a worldview in week two sounds like a total bluff.

Do you really get what Sam promises?
Well, I would answer this question with yes and no.

If you have read any books on mindset or about how to be successful, you’ve probably heard 75% of 2nd week’s content. But I think that Sam’s psychological explanation of some things is just great + you get A LOT of helpful worksheets in this week’s action items section.

The primary goal of the Consulting Accelerator 2nd week is to teach you how to stop limiting your thinking or think outside of the box if you prefer, how to break bad habits and create new ones, and most importantly it makes you accept the fact that YOU are responsible for your current situations. You are your devil.

I can’t guarantee you that New paradigm & worldview module will actually “open your eyes” and make you see things differently, but I can say that


Sam WILL show you how to do that in that module so make sure you pay attention. If you do all the work that needs to be done (fill all the provided worksheets), you will get a ton of value from this week of CA, and you can really change your life. As Sam would say “you will see for the first time.” No really, week two is the week where you will see changes, that is, again, if you do the work.


Some would say that 2nd module isn’t’ directly related to business, but I think that mindset is 90% and the other 10% is hard work & providing solutions. Consulting Accelerator program has one of the best mindset training in my opinion, and I can say that it helped me to get to the next level.

So, it’s rating time. I would rate this week 9/10. I’ve really enjoyed it, but to be honest, it wasn’t like seeing for the first time.

If you want more intense mindset training, you can watch more Sam’s videos here.


Or you can read one of the books highly recommended by Sam.
Maxwell Maltz : Psycho Cybernetics
Buy on Amazon here or listen to the audibook.

WEEK 3 : Alchemy of Client Conversion

Rating : 10/10

General info

  • LENGTH : 9:23:29
  • MODULES: 6
    • Overview
    • The illusion of sales
    • Alchemy of conversion
    • Crafting your script
    • Pendulum of doubt
    • Igniting your flame 

What will you learn

  • You are goind to debunk myths about sales
  • you will learn about sience of sales and why people fail at selling
  • You will learn what aclehemy of client atraction is 
  • You will learn how to handle objections
  • You will learn how to turn a total stranger to a full paying custumer
  • You will learn how to do sales calls (script included)
  • You will learn sales on a PRO level


Sam claims that the 3rd week of the Consulting Accelerator program alone is worth ten times the actual price. I can honestly say that I agree with this statement 100%.

I don’t know how good are you at sales, but I admit that I was terrible. I was super bad. Like many of you (I assume), I heard a lot of “myths,” and other stories about sales and salespeople and I believed those lies. I always thought that being in sales means that you are forcing grandmas to buy vacuum cleaners (haha). Well, it’s not…

Right at the start of the 3rd week, you will learn that those myths, rumors, and illusions are lies told by the people who can’t sell shit. We have to accept the fact that MOST PEOPLE  SUCK AT SALES!
But if you want to rock’n’roll in the business world, YOU NEED TO LEARN SALES, and you can believe me when I say that Sam’s CA is the right place to do that.
Learning sales will not only improve your income. It will also enhance your everyday life. That is the reason many people are teaching this skill Now, take your time and watch a video of another sales master, Dan Lok.

As you can see Dan knows what he is talking about, but I would dare to say that Sam explains sales and conversion better.

In this week of the course, you will get a lot of value in theory but you will also for a lot of practical knowledge. Ovens explains sales very detailed, well and in an understandable way. He even provides a 13 pages long sales scrip which, in my opinion, is worth more than $2000. It really makes the difference.

The two things that I like the most in week 3 are:

  1.  This training can help a complete novice start selling as a professional, but it can also boost the performance of salespeople who are already doing it
  2. Sam does not only provide tips and strategies and then leave you to figure it out yourself. He presents you a system which is, as everything in the Consulting Accelerator, proven and tested and allows you to take action right away.


I think that the knowledge and value from week 3 are one of the main, if not THE reason behind the success of so many Sam’s students. I have rated this module 10/10 because it has helped me to get my first client (in only three weeks since enrolling in the CA!) I also think that the action item in this week are great & the sales script is just golden.

Best time to learn sales was YESTERDAY, and second best is NOW. Enroll here for free and start learning today.

If you want to learn sales some other way you can watch some videos or read a book called SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham. This book is just great and is, once again, recommended by the Sam Ovens himself. Watch the video below to see more books that Sam recommends to entrepreneurs.


WEEK 4 : Alchemy of Client Attraction

Rating : 8/10

General info

  • LENGTH : 24:04:05
  • MODULES: 8
    • Overview
    • Falling for the trap
    • Alchemy of client attraction
    • Organic attraction methods
    • Paid attraction methods
    • Assembling the war machine 
    • Planning your 30d attack
    • Conquering paralysis 
    • + additional video 

What will you learn

  • You will learn what ORGANIC and PAID cliants attraction methods are and how to ypply them
  • you will learn how to make funnels and ads
  • You will learn how to make videos/webinars
  • You will learn how to make landing pages
  • You will make your 30 day attack plan 
  • You will learn how to stay in th econquering game / hot ro avoid traps that many entrepreneurs fall in
  • You will learn how to scale your business


If you have watched or read some stuff about business you probably already know that client attraction and client conversion are crucial skills behind every successful entrepreneur or business. Sam is aware of that fact, and that is the reason why he had dedicated two weeks to teach you those skills. Week 3 covers client conversion and week 4 covers client attraction methods.

Up to this point of the course, you should have selected your niche, made some successful sale calls, got some clients (maybe) + you should have obtained the right mindset to do all the things above with ease. But, It’s the 4th & 5th week which will help you to scale your business and start aiming towards those promised six-figure earnings.

Week four of the Consulting Accelerator program will provide a proven, simple and incredibly thorough step-by-step system, which will help you master organic and paid client attraction methods. I like the idea of Sam teaching us both methods a lot. I can honestly say that those methods are excellent and easy to apply to ANY business (tested). 4

What exactly are those methods?
-Facebook posts
-Direct outreach
-Lumpy mail
-List Farming
-JV webinars

PAID CLIENT ATTRACTION METHODS (Pricey but automated methods)
-Facebook ads
-Fragmentation/lead generation funnel

After watching this 4th module, you should have a working lead generation funnel and a lot of knowledge about organic methods and how to apply those methods. As always, Sam will walk you step-by-step throughout the learning process, and he will provide quality worksheets which will make your work a lot easier. He actually serves everything on a plate to you with absolutely NO ADDITIONAL COST and NO ANNOYING UPSELLS.


For me, those methods have worked extraordinarily well, especially organic ones (tbh, I still use those methods a lot more than paid ones). You can really get creative at those, but I have to admit that you need to have some essential marketing & copywriting skills to make that work if you have never done any of these two things that will probably present a challenge to you because Sam DOES NOT provide you content! Yeah, you get the idea of how everything works, and you get the templates, but it’s up to you to come up with the engaging content.

If you don’t know anything about copywriting or marketing it’s better to outsource this, otherwise you may not be as pleased with the results as I was.

I have read some other reviews and comments on the Consulting Accelerator course, and a lot of people were “upset” about Sam not teaching copywriting. That is the main reason I am raing this week 8/10. I would rate it 9/10, but I want you to get the full and honest picture about the program.

If you are struggling with copyrighting, marketing and making attractive content, you can learn a lot from the books listed below

How to write a copy that sells: Ray Edwards (copywriting)
Breakthrough Advertising: Eugene Schwartz (Marketing/Copywriting) This book is highly recommended by Sam, but it’s hard to get (expensive)
Influence: Dan “the man” Lok (creating attractive content)

WEEK 5 : Fractal Facebook Evaluation

Rating : 10/10

General info

  • LENGTH : 24:12:32
  • MODULES: 14
    • Overview
    • Fractal Facebook Evolution
    • Unveiling the Fb algorithm
    • Facebook’s book of law
    • Playbook for a new epoch
    • Your ad hypothesis
    • Your audience hypothesis
    • Tracking Swans & the polaris stars 
    •  Achieving omnipresence
    • Ad & audience templates
    • Campaign gensis 
    • Governing initial conditions
    • Daily workflow of the king
    • Ratcheting up the kingdom
    • +aditional videos

What will you learn

  • You will learn about the FB algorithm and the science behind it 
  • You will learn how to start of your campaign
  • You will learn how to make FB ads 
  • You will get the scripts and blueprints
  • You will become a real Facebook ninja 


First of all, I want to make something clear. It does not matter what you think about Sam Ovens. Is he a scam? Is he legit? The fact that Sam’s net worth is over $65 million should tell you something. Ok, that is just a fact. But the thing that surprises me the most is, that he made most of that revenue by using Facebook ads, and week five of the Consulting Accelerator program is all about that. Trust me when I tell you, Sam really knows what he is talking about here. The primary purpose of the 5th module is to teach you how to start your campaign and become a real Facebook ninja.

While the 4th week was mostly about organic client attraction methods, week five is all about paid methods (we’re talking FB ads here). The content of this module is amazing, and the value you get is so enormous that you don’t feel that the module is long (It’s the longest one in the course).

Right in the overview of this module, Sam says that his methods have never been seen before and I could agree with that. Ok, we’ve all seen or at least heard about Facebook ads, BUT Sam takes those on another level.

Once again Consulting Accelerator provides a simple, yet incredibly thorough & detailed step-by-step guide to the FB algorithm and ads.

Many of other entrepreneurs and businessmen would “guard” their secrets about successful Facebook campaigns. Well, not Sam Ovens! Sam will reveal his closely guarded secrets which made him a fortune and share them with you. I could honestly say that this module is, again, worth more than $2.000 on its own.

If you are worried about the lack of knowledge on the Facebook algorithm, you don’t have to be. A lot of us don’t know anything about this, BUT we sure can follow the instructions, right?
Ok, you will also learn a lot about the algorithm and the science behind it, but in my opinion, the most important lesson that you will learn is how to start you FB campaign and how to set up Facebook ads to reach all the potential clients that are hiding “somewhere in the dark.”


As in all the other parts of this article, I will be brutally honest with you in this one too. I have to admit that I have watched this module, made notes and checked if it works. I found out next: All the things that Sam says in this module are LEGIT and the system WORKS! I haven’t started my own FB campaign yet because I am pleased with the results of the organic client attraction methods so much. I would rather give my attention to already acquired clients than to scale my business just to scale it.
Even though I haven’t yet started with FB ads, I now know exactly how to do it and I most certainly will when the time is right to do that.

My rate of this module is 10/10 because I can honestly say that this is one of the best, if not THE best Facebook course out there. The information and knowledge that you get are golden and so simple that ANYONE, who is ready to scale his/her business CAN APPLY IT.

Indeed, those methods aren’t cheap, but they bring results! I bet that you don’t want to spend money on FB ads which will bring you no results at all. You can avoid those costs and start learning from the best today.

WEEK 6 : Minimum Viable Service Delivery

Rating : 8/10

General info

  • LENGTH : 14:04:52
  • MODULES: 7
    • Overview
    • Minimum viable service delivery
    • Setting client expectations
    • Hiring top 1% contractors
    • Project mgmt & workflows
    • Finance & cashflow mastery
    • Platform groth & scale 
    • Marketing automaion 

What will you learn

  • You will learn what you need to legally cover your business
  • You will learn how to set client expctations and how to deliver
  • You will learn about finances and running your business 
  • You learn how to set up your platform
  • You will learn how to automatize you clinet attraction/conversion process
  • You will put all the parts together


This final week of the Consulting Accelerator program is where you will put it all together. It provides quite a few valuable resources and information which will help you to scale your business the right way. This week also contains some useful documents which, again, can ve uses in many different business models.

Some of the mentioned documents cover:
– legal documents that you will need
– instructions about connecting and setting up credit card payments
– instructions about building your platform
– instructions about setting up and using market automatization

You will need this knowledge, but you will also need some other documents to legally cover yourself if you want to scale your consulting business. Sam’s lawyer has provided ALL the documents that you will need, and you can freely use them if you like/need them.
In my opinion that is, besides all other worksheets and tips that you already got, a lovely and completely free “bonus.” Again, there are NO UPSELLS!

In the 6th week of the CA program, Sam talks about service delivery as well as how to operate your business. I think that the mastery of the topic that Ovens touches in the 2nd video of the 6th week, called “Setting client expectation,” is crucial for every successful business. In this video, you will learn how to start & maintain a relationship with your clients, and how to start & deliver to their expectations. Sam also talks about hiring new people (a complete how-to guide), about finance & accounting and your platform’s growth.

Yes, after completing the 6th week you will have your own, working platform which will connect to the fragmentation funnel from week 4. But in my opinion, the best thing that you will learn in the 6th week is how to scale your business automatically. Sam will teach you how to use your already build funnel in a way that it will provide better results for you and it will automate the client attraction/conversion process while you will be still able to focus on your already existing clients.

“You will put your funnel on steroids.”

After completing all six weeks of the Consulting accelerator program, you should have a machine which drives traffic to you funnel (Fb ads). A funnel then filters that traffic and consulting clients come out of your platform.


Once again, you don’t need to be afraid if you are not a tech person. Everything is explained as a step-by-step guide, so you can assemble your “consulting machine” with ease and all by yourself.
I would rate the 6th week 8/10 because I think that the value of action items is enormous. But if you are already in digital marketing, like I was at the time, this week will not be an epiphany for you. Although you will probably still make some notes and learn some new, useful things



General Conclusion (read before enrolling)

Overall course rating : 53/60

Ok, if you have read our full article about Sam Ovens and our review of the Consulting Accelerator you must now at least have enough info to decide if Sam Ovens is a scam or not.
I honestly think that he is legit and that Consulting Accelerator is one of the best courses out there. It guides you step-by-step to your own consulting/Online business. No pre-knowledge needed!
There are always things that we like and dislike, and I made a summary of those things.


  • The platform is user-friendly and straightforward with no distractions at all
  • professional and clean videos & action items
  • GREAT content
  • Sam’s explanation
  • Value to price ratio
  • No upsells
  • Q&A + Fb support group


  • Sam’s broad definition of a consultant
  • Too much philosophy (week 2) 
  • There are NO lessons about copywriting & creating content for your ads
  • The starting price that Sam recommends you charge DOES NOT apply to every market/country


As you can see from the rating and our review this course is good and is, in my opinion, worth even more than $2000. But you have to understand that this can be a huge money waste if you are not willing to do the work and change. No, honestly, this course is NOT a secret system where you pay $2k, and you get millions.

– You don’t have time and nerves t watch all the videos and follow Sam’s instructions
– You don’t want your own business
– You are afraid of challenges and changes
– You hate sales and sales calls
– You won’t do the work, sales calls and strategy sessions
– You don’t understand that SUCCESS DOES NOT COME OVERNIGHT

If you decide to enroll and you are not satisfied with the purchase, there is always 7-day money back guarantee. But if you are willing to change and work hard to achieve your dreams, enrolling is the right choice for you.
Remember, Consulting Accelerator is not the key to success. It is more like a golden compass showing you the right way, which YOU must take!

The course isn’t a scam if you are not scamming yourself that you will do it and then when things get hard, you don’t do in and quit. If I am honest, applying this knowledge and information in the “real world” is way harder than working at most of the 9-5 jobs, and it takes sacrafices. But I can guarantee you that in the end, it’s 100% worth it.

Enroll today, work hard & achieve your financial freedom with the help of one of the best mentors & teachers out there.


Join the revolution!

become a highly paid consultant & earn your financial freedom