Honest Review About Sam Ovens

This is my honest review about Sam Ovens, his programs, and the information that I know about him that I gathered over the years.

Who Is Sam Ovens and can he become my mentor?

Sam Ovens is the CEO and founder of Consulting.com, which is an E-learning platform that helps everyday people start and grow wildly profitable consulting businesses worldwide.

Sam is one of the few people who actually make millions of dollars every single month and teach you how you can do it as well, so Sam can become your online mentor through the digital programs that he offers and through his live workshops once you achieve a certain level of success with consulting.

Sam Ovens

Sam quit his corporate job at Vodafone, dropped out of college, and started his consulting business from his parent’s garage in New Zealand. Sam launched the business without any investors, debt or outside funding and grew his e-learning company to over $10 million by the age of 26. Sam’s company has offices in Dublin and New York City and consistently makes over $100,000 per day by licensing training programs at Consulting.com. Sam Ovens has an estimated net worth of US$70 million.

Where is Sam Ovens from?

Sam Ovens is from Auckland, New Zealand. He currently lives in an apartment in Manhattan, New York with his wife Ashleigh and their cats. His main offices of Consulting.com are also located in New York City.

How old is Sam?

Sam Ovens before and after review

Are Sam’s programs legit or a scam? What are his results?

Since 2012 Sam Ovens:

  • started broke working out of his parent’s garage in Auckland, New Zealand and in 5 years started his consulting business, moved to Manhattan, and made over US$20 million.
  • created 24 millionaire consultants
  • created 454 6-Figure Consultants from his programs
  • helped thousands of ordinary people from all over the world quit their 9-5 jobs, start their consulting businesses, and live lives of financial freedom

Does Sam have a girlfried? Is he married?

Sam Ovens married his girlfriend Ashleigh Frazer, now Ashleigh Ovens.


Ashleigh Ovens - Sam's wife




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