Bulk Unfollow People on LinkedIn in 2020

This short post will show you how to easily unfollow your LinkedIn connections in bulk that takes less than 2 minutes of work. It has been updated several times as LinkedIn makes changes to their structure and design. Please bookmark this page to always have access to the latest LinkedIn mass unfollow script.

How to easily unfollow all connections on LinkedIn

  1. Visit this LinkedIn page using Chrome or Brave: linkedin.com/feed/following.
  2. Open Developer Tools by using your Right Click and then choose Inspect.
  3. Switch to the console tab.
  4. Go to this URL, select entire code and copy it.
  5. Paste it to the console, and click Enter.
  6. Ready to unfollow everyone? Click yes.

You are done!

linkedin bulk unfollow connections

All credits for the code go to GitHub.

The script might break in the middle. Just reload the page, repeat the process described above until the following count reaches zero, and LinkedIn says “Follow Fresh Perspectives.”

Feel free to add me as a connection on LinkedIn.