LinkedIn Training


Why should you use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with more than 565 million business professionals in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

  • What’s even better is that their average annual income is over $100,000.00. These are the people who have the money to buy your services and as you probably know, finding people with money can be very difficult!
  • 48% business owners, 67% decision makers. These are the people who have the authority to pull the trigger and hire you, unlike cold calling techniques where salespeople waste a lot of time talking to assistants that can’t make the final decision.
  • Your ideal clients already use LinkedIn. You need to use the platform that they are using.

3 levels of network reach

No other social media site has this power – it has network exponentially, LinkedIn has a patent on this function.

Combining the network with powerful search capabilities makes LinkedIn the easiest tool to use to get the ideal clients you are looking for.

LinkedIn is a business platform

Reputation management

Rapid lead generation

Partner development

LinkedIn can become a new revenue stream for you and your clients.

Why every local business needs to be on LinkedIn?

  • People like to verify that your credentials are the same as you claim to be on LinkedIn.
  • They are looking to see who they know in common that can maybe vouch for you.
  • Service businesses all look the same on paper but on LinkedIn people can see the person behind the business.

To succeed on LinkedIn you do NOT need to be:

  • Techie
  • Marketer
  • Social butterfly

People have been on LinkedIn since 2005. Very few people knew anything about LinkedIn. The purpose of this training is to find your clients, hunt them down, and get them to do business with you.

Greig Wells – recruiting/LinkedIn trainer

Internet marketing – 2000+ leads a week, 45 new clients a week, 350 testimonials in 2 years.

There are so many LinkedIn exposure strategies such as LinkedIn answers, events, paid ads, share button, polls, job postings, recruiting, apps, and mobile use.

My teaching philosophy is to focus on ROI – return on investment. I want you to learn the lessons that will bring your the most results in the shortest amount of time.

Here is what actually works best:

  • Ninja networking
  • LinkedIn SEO
  • Groups: The faucet

Getting started with LinkedIn

  1. How LinkedIn works
  2. Setting up a basic profile on LinkedIn
  3. Getting started on LinkedIn made easy

LinkedIn best practices you need to know

  1. Avoiding the most common mistakes on LinkedIn
  2. Maximizing your LinkedIn account settings
  3. Installing & utilizing LinkedIn applications

LinkedIn networking

  1. Building your network
  2. Linkedin groups
  3. Linkedin recommendations

Advanced training

  • Profile optimization exposure & conversion
  • B2B client generation system
  • Cashing in helping job seekers

LinkedIn mindset H2

  • LinkedIn success formula
    • Your experience is a proof of who you are and what you do, you are a trustworthy person worth doing business with
      • Your profile
      • Recommendations
      • Your activity
    • Your relationships
    • Your LinkedIn skills
    • These three elements all build on each other
  • Your profile as a destination
  • Exponential networking