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Dr. Jorge Valdes Ph.D.

As a young man in his early twenties, Dr. Jorge Valdes Ph.D. had an insatiable thirst for money and power. He became a founding member of Colombia’s Medellin Drug Cartel, working with people like Pablo Escobar and Manuel Noriega while spending over a million dollars on corruption and half a million dollars on lawyers.

Who is Jorge Valdes Ph.D.?

About Dr. Jorge Valdes

Dr. Jorge Valdés was one of the founding members of a group that later on became known as Colombia’s Medellin Drug Cartel. Dr. Valdes’ crucial position as the head of U.S. operations brought him into direct contact with generals, presidents, Hollywood celebrities, contract killers, and kidnapers.

As he had a family, education, and wealth, he thought his American Dream came true. By making up to three million dollars a month, he had access to yachts, gorgeous women, private jets, and mansions all over the world.

Now, Dr. Jorge Valdés holds a Master’s degree from Wheaton College and a Ph.D. in New Testament Studies and Ethics from the University of Loyola Chicago. He is a renowned speaker bringing a message of hope, forgiveness, and the power to change.

Narco Mindset Foundation

Dr. Jorge Valdes’ goal of the Narco Mindset Podcast is to create an informative, effortlessly entertaining podcast, with raw storytelling and intellectually honest talk about life.

Dr. Valdes delves deep into life challenges, principles, decisions, mistakes, and recovery. The listeners can gain, inspiration, wisdom, and truth from the secrets hidden in the narco mindset. It is a seasonal podcast with new episodes every week. It illuminates a new generation on the power and the impact of a positive mindset.

In our podcast, I have not asked Jorge about his life stories as he describes them very well on his podcast. If you are interested to hear about the real Narcos stories from the person who has lived the lifestyle and is one of the few people who successfully left it behind unlike most of his associates, the Narco Mindset podcast is for you. By joining the community, you will also receive a free PDF copy of the latest book, Narco Mindset – Freedom Edition.

Tres Hermanos Foundation

Why did Dr. Jorge Valdes start a foundation and what is its purpose? Dr. Valdes and his partners immediately asked themselves what constituted a great company? Great technology? Great employees? Exceptional customer service? Having more experience and being better equipped than their competition?

Many companies have some or all of the above and no matter how hard they tried to determine what constituted a great company, they realized they were failing to answer their question because they were approaching it from a business point of view. Once you drop that mindset, the answer comes much easier.

A great company is not one that has all the above but the one that simply gives back. As committed Christians, they believe that if God blesses us with wealth, it is responsible to give a percentage of that wealth to make an impact on the life of others. That is how Dr. Jorge Valdes and his partners created the Tres Hermanos Foundation.