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Ask Jonathan Amaret Episode 1 – Stop Comparing Your Success

“All of my friends are more successful than me. What am I doing wrong?”

You have to stop comparing yourself to other people. Say it once to affirm, twice to reiterate, and three times to brainwash. The music industry also knows how to implement this principle.

All that we consider good such as the abundance of resources, great people in our lives that support us and make us feel amazing, and money – they all exist on a certain frequency. This frequency is keen to happiness, peacefulness, and love.

Whenever you are NOT at these frequencies, and you are comparing yourself to other people, you are NOWHERE NEAR the frequency in which you would be able to attract these things into your life. It becomes almost impossible for you to obtain them.

If you think that all of your friends are getting exactly what they want while you are not, remember that your dreams are different than theirs. Their dream might be a new iPhone or a car, while you might want to be a billionaire. Those two goals are completely different – it’s beyond night and day of a comparison.

jonathan amaret thought mechanics

Before J. K. Rowling who wrote the Harry Potter series became rich and famous, she was homeless living out of her car. She didn’t know how she is going to make her ends meet – all she had was an idea about a little wizard. Across the ocean she had two examples of two writers:

  1. Stephen King – now worth around $400 million (worth around $250 million at that time)
  2. Danielle Steel – worth around $300 million

She looked at them and wondered how she could be as successful as them. Around ten years later, she was worth more than both of those authors combined.

Jonathan Amaret consulted the elite of the elite and people who are not the elite. There are a lot of “huge people” that fell and a lot of “little people” that were able to rise to the top. You can do it too. We want to be conscious manifesters of our own reality. We don’t want to roll the dice and take whatever we get – if it’s great it’s great if it’s bad it’s everyone else’s fault.

The mind is the conscious manifestation of reality, which is what Thought Mechanics is all about.

The universe flows at a certain rate – all light energy flows at a certain rate. The only thing that creates fluctuation and the speed of how the electromagnetic frequency flows is gravity.

“Thoughts produce gravity.” – Jonathan Amaret

That is not a speculation, that is a scientifically proven fact. Thoughts produce gravity, gravity affects light, which is what makes all that is physical – all that we call “matter.” That includes our bodies. If your thoughts are negative and they produce the type of gravity that attracts a certain type of light to you – guess what you are going to manifest… exactly what you don’t want.

You might not want it in your heart, but your mind is saying a different story. That is why it is so important to get your feelings center and your thoughts center perfectly aligned.

You need to know the six degrees of reality and how to use them. This is not a speculation of how it can or might work; this is exactly how energy and frequency work on the most atomic level.

Start doing that, and you will see how quickly things begin to change.

Jonathan helped all kinds of people, but the truth is that we are all the same – and comparing yourself to other people is not going to get you anywhere.

You will never have the same dreams as the person standing next to you. Why are you comparing your oasis with somebody else? You have no idea what might happen tomorrow.

If you continue being negative, beating yourself down while not seeing possibilities around you, you will never access the frequency that will make your reality come true. You are the only thing standing in your way between your situation and what you want.

You can’t stay in front of a fireplace and say “if only you would give me heat, then I would give you wood!” It never works that way.

Ask Jonathan Amaret Episode 2 – Drugs & The Importance of Crystals

Drugs such as shrooms and ayahuasca weaken the body’s nervous system which is tied directly to the endocrine system of the body which means that drugs negatively affect glands. When the glands begin to weaken, your energetic anchor gets weak.

The body is just a vehicle that you leave upon your death. We are anchored into our bodies based on our energetic desire. When our energetic anchor gets weak, it causes the separation between spirit and body.

When you begin to separate your body from your spirit even just a little bit, you begin to see things that have higher frequencies.

To safely reach higher levels, you have to vibrationally anchor onto those higher frequencies, and you need to be vibrating at that level. You can only achieve that through your conscious understanding.

Trained people can achieve a lot higher levels without using any drugs than untrained people can with drugs.

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