Anthony Ritossa – History & Background

Who is Anthony Ritossa and Ritossa Family Office?

Mr. Anthony Ritossa is the chairman of the RITOSSA Family Office, which represents the distillation of more than six hundred years of history – of a family, a grove, and a region. The roots of the Ritossa olive groves have persevered through natural disasters and even war, through climate changes and country, and under the rule of warrior princes, wealthy merchant kings, and modern despots.

Mr. Ritossa holds an MBA graduating with Distinction in Finance from The University of Technology Sydney, and Harvard University.

anthony ritossa family office

Great Success for Ritossa Family Office 6th Global Family Office Investment Summit in Monte-Carlo, Monaco

The Ritossa Family Office is known for their contrarian & thematic investments which have included the US Subprime Crisis, the European Sovereign Debt & Banking Crisis, and various strategic PE, RE & blockchain allocations. Anthony Ritossa has over 30 years of international financial markets and investment experience. Before his family office role, Mr. Ritossa was recognized for his distinguished Wall Street career in New York has held senior executive positions at Nomura, Barclays Capital, Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, Bankers Trust Australia.

chairman of Ritossa family office

Anthony Ritossa, Chairman of Ritossa Family Office, Gulshat Uzenbaeva, LUXPRO Founder, Giuseppe Ambrosio, President of the Monaco Single and Multi-Family office international association

Anthony Ritossa is a frequent speaker at various International Investment Conferences and also serves as the Chairman of the European Union Sovereign & Investment Advisory Board, and sits on many other advisory boards worldwide.

Emilio Dellanzo and Anthony Ritossa

Emilio Dellanzo and Anthony Ritossa in Croatia

Global Family Office Investment Summits

Ritossa family investment summit

The Sixth Global Family Office Investment Summit in Monaco Was Attended By More than 300 family offices

5th Global Family Office Investment Summit in Dubai

Highlights of the 5th Global Family Office Investment Summit hosted By Mr. Ritossa in Dubai:

6th Global Family Office Investment Summit in Monaco

The elite group of investment summit attendees, which represents more than $2 trillion in investor wealth, listened to presentations from more than 80 esteemed global speakers.

The summit is often referred to as the Davos of Family Offices, said Giuseppe Ambrosio, President of the Monaco Single and Multi Family Office International Association.

Final recap with Anthony Ritossa and Giuseppe Ambrosio at the 6th Global Family Office Investment Summit in Monte-Carlo, Monaco:

Giuseppe Ambrosio and Anthony Ritossa

Giuseppe Ambrosio, President of Monaco Family Office Association and Anthony Ritossa

7th Global Family Office Summit in Dubai

The RITOSSA Family Office is hosting the 7th Global Family Office Investment Summit, in Dubai, the United  Arab Emirates at the Four Season Resort Jumeirah Beach, 10-12 November 2018, under the High Patronage of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum. Grand preparations are currently underway!

The summit is featuring the theme “East Meets West.” The event is said to be the largest and most influential worldwide family office gathering of all time. The 6th global in Monaco, under the High Patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco, in June of 2018 made global headlines.

Anthony Ritossa International Family Office

Anthony Ritossa and Giuseppe Ambrosio in Monaco

It is the World’s Largest and Most Exclusive Gathering of Family Wealth. The Summit is an invitation-only private forum, with over 400+ Elite Family Offices, Prominent Business Owners, Sheikhs, Royal Families, Private Investment Companies, Sovereign Wealth Funds & industry professionals from around the globe are scheduled to attend.

Ritossa Family Office representing Nauticus in Monte Carlo

Summit Host – Anthony Ritossa, representing Nauticus at the conference in Monte Carlo.

Feedback from delegates at previous Summits:

“A special thank you to Anthony Ritossa for such a great Global Family Office Summit!” Giuseppe Ambrosio, ACA, President Monaco Single, and Multi-Family Office International Association, Monaco.

“I would like to thank you again for your kind gesture and invitation. Your wonderful Summit turned out to be the best conference I have been to. It’s only because of your splendid efforts and management, that made it so successful and highly stimulating and beneficial for all participants. I am sure that everyone must have told you this. I enjoyed the Summit very much, interesting Speakers, nice participants, and the wonderful place. I do appreciate your painstaking work for the organization and engagement of the Summit, and needless to say, of course, your Hospitalities, such summit involves enormous amounts of time and energy — you must have been working so hard lately for everything to fall into place as it has. You deserve now, a well-earned rest with your lovely wife. Finally, it’s certainly a wonderful experience for me that your Summit has been, it brought together people from different sides of bilingualism – highly profile family offices and excellent participants. It has been an inspired decision which, in my opinion, leaves warm memories especially for me which I will treasure for the rest of my business life”. Hadi Al Alawi, Chairman & CEO, Al Hayat Group, Kingdom of Bahrain.

“Sandeep Sharma, CFA, Principal & Founder, had the privilege of joining an esteemed panel of elite investors at The Monaco Global Family Office Investment Summit to discuss global macro Mega Trends, Geopolitical Risks & Economic challenges for 2017 and beyond. Thank you, Anthony Ritossa, for hosting such a meaningful investment summit. The caliber of attendees and topics addressed were second to none.” Cassie Waller, Chief Operating Officer, Syntax Research, Florida.

“Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and congratulations again on organizing an outstanding and highly successful investment summit. I was extremely impressed with the quality of the delegates you had there. Hands down, the best investment summit I had attended in a long time. I look forward to attending the event in Dubai.” Al Razavi, Manning Director, TCA Fund Management Group, Switzerland.

Anthony Ritossa global family investment summit

The 6th Global Family Office Investment Summit in Monaco was attended by more than 400 high-ranking royal families, businessmen, sheikhs and billionaires

“Congratulations on an outstanding and highly successful investment summit. The event was visionary, covered critical areas of FO investments and offered a refreshing insight into the evolving landscape and shifting dynamics of FO investments. This included identifying innovative and actionable investment strategies. The caliber of speakers and attendees was also very impressive. The venue was stunning, the hospitality warm, generous and overall supported by a wonderfully relaxed ambiance. By far, this has been the most compelling and enlightening investment event I’ve attended and I was honored and proud to be there. Anthony, I wish you continued success with future events and I hope to re-attend their next event!” – Tahir Ashraf, Managing Partner and PE Fund Manager of the Year 2016 (Wealth & Finance International Magazine) – Inception Capital Management, USA.

“Thank you so much for inviting us to the Monaco Family Office Summit. Was a superbly organized event and with an eclectic mix of people. Best FO event I’ve been to!” Paula Pandolfino, CEO, LWL CA Limited, SFO, United Kingdom.

“Thank you Anthony Ritossa for inviting me to the 5th Global Family Office Investment Summit. The event was a huge success gathering top-notch Individuals sharing ideas and expertise from blockchain, cryptocurrencies, healthcare and many other technologies”. Faris M. Al Tahtamooni, Senior Manager – International Ventures, The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, UAE.

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Written by Mitja Dolinšek.