About Mitja Dolinsek

Dear website visitor,

My name is Mitja Dolinsek, and for the last few years, I have been known as an international digital marketing consultant.

Now, what exactly does that mean and who am I helping?

When I first started, I was hired by local businesses in my home country, Slovenia to help them increase their revenue. Since most people do not even know where Slovenia is you might have guessed that there was very little competition when it came to online marketing. My strategy was simple:

  1. Design or re-design a simple WordPress website that ensures an excellent conversion rate meaning that the site was straightforward to navigate and potential customers would be able to write/call the business within seconds. User experience was and still is crucial.
  2. Make the website secure.
  3. Create and build social profiles – Social Media Marketing
  4. Basic Search Engine Optimization to rank on Google which was simple to do in Slovenia. Having a high converting website does not help as much as business owners think and most of them focus too much on website design while neglecting their marketing efforts.

The next step was to stop thinking small and instead of focusing on a tiny country with just over two million people, I would go international, which is why I say I am an international digital marketing consultant.

I helped businesses from the US, Canada, Sweden, Italy, Croatia, Australia, and UAE among others.

After that, I wanted to gain experience in larger online businesses and found a great company with over 200 Million views on YouTube, almost 10 Million views a month on Pinterest, and millions of views a month on the website where I became the SEO Manager.

The last step of this story that I am able to write so far is becoming a Family Office Advisor, where my goal is to identify successful businesses that have already reached a certain level of success and would now like to expand but do not know the right people (or would like to meet them faster). I help them meet investors and potential business partners through global family office conferences where the odds are stacked in their favor because we work very hard to maintain an outstanding investor delegate ratio of 3:1 that makes raising capital and forming partnerships easier.

The term digital marketing consultant is too broad and generic. Although I have experience with most social media strategies and marketing channels, I do NOT focus on all of them. Currently, I am focused on:

  1. Google: Search Engine Optimization, Online Presence, and Online Reputation Management
  2. LinkedIn: Lead Generation

The best way to reach me is to visit my contact page.

Thank you for your interest!

Looking forward to learning more about you and how I can help.

Kind Regards
Mitja Dolinsek